Author Topic: How to enable ads for Regular Members and exclude another group?  (Read 18064 times)

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The permissions setup seems backwards or else I can't figure out the right way to use it. I want to disable ads just for members of a certain small group (my moderators). If I enable ads for Guests and for Regular Members groups so that most people see the ads, then it doesn't seem to work to uncheck the enable ads checkbox in any other group, because every registered user is automatically a member of Regular Members in addition to any other group they are a member of.

Because the permission is for Enable Ads, everyone gets permission to see the ads by virtue of being an registered user (Regular Member).

The permission really should be to Hide Ads. Then I could not enable it for Guests and Regular Members, and give it as a special permission for people who are allowed to use the forum ad-free. The way it is now it looks like I would have to make a new member group and by hand put every user name in it, and make that group the only one with ads enabled. That is way too much work to set up and maintain.

I'm posting this under Support instead of Suggestions because I think maybe I'm just missing something about how it is supposed to be used. Thanks for any ideas.

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Re: How to enable ads for Regular Members and exclude another group?
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2012, 08:47:02 am »
I can confirm that, if ads are enabled for regular members but not any other groups those members do not see ads. In addition disabling for admins (in smf ads settings) prevents moderators from viewing ads, which I think is what you were trying to achieve.