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LoadAds.php is missing/corrupt

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I've just installed Ad Managment 2.3.6 on a completely clean install of SMF 2.0RC2. It installed perfectly fine with no errors. However, when I go into the admin section and select "Edit Ads", I get the following error:

LoadAds.php is missing/corrupt from your sources directory. Please make sure that it uploaded properly. The Ad mod won't be able to function properly. If you are having issues, please visit!

LoadAds.php is in my sources directory, and the directory has been CHMOD'd to 777. Any ideas?

Try replacing the file. It actually might be corrupted.

same error with me ,even i replaced the file .. .plz help

NI Poker:
Im getting the same error. Can anyone help?

Did you try reuploading that file or reinstall?


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