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Ads not working with IRT-Steel theme


I just installed the new IRT-Steel theme for 2.0 RC2.  I installed the latest version of smfads 2.3.  I was able to get my infolinks ads to work but I can't get banner ads to run in the welcome area, top of the page, bottom of the page, after the last post, left side, right side, etc.  The only place I can get a banner to dispaly is in between posts.

Any suggestions?


Did you make all the alterations required for a custom theme?

No I haven't seen any instructions to make alterations for custom themes.  Could you direct me to it?


There are only instructions for SMF 1.1 at this moment, so the 2.0 instructions can be found on

Just navigation to the ad mod's page and click "parse" for SMF 2.0 and you'll get a list of manual instructions.


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