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how to put kontera ads on smf forum? Pls help me out.....


Pls i want to know how to implement kontera ads on my simple machine  forum.

 I already have  the tag on the ad managemnet mod.

 What is the next step that i have to take.

I await your reply......

I have kontera working perfectly in my forum.  Go to the ad Management area.  It is the same process as if you want to add a google add.  You put in the code in the appropriate box, in my case I named it kontera ad, and I have the following boxes checked -
Display ads in board index
Display ads in message index
Display ads in post page
Display ads in welcom area

It is working fine.  Just do the same in yours it will work fine

Check out the kontera ads in my forum at

Were you able to put the ads on ur smf forum?


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