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Started by kadmiel, July 23, 2010, 03:36:36 PM

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Im new to the boards and was wondering if someone could possiably assist me i have a new installation of the Ad Mod for SMF 1.1 i see the config option i then creat and add box but for some reason it creats Two

if i then delete one it will delete both of them so how can i get the ad mode to create only one ad box per location instead of automatically duplicating the request ?

i hope i explained that right so if i want to create one 460x80 google ad box on the top of the theme im useing default.. then it automatically creates two identicle ads 460x 80 next to each other when i go to modify ad there is 2 so if i chnage something in 1 it affects the other does anyone know what the possiable issue might be and how i might resolve this? any help would be greatly appreicated thanks!


I'm having an issue also.  I installed the Ad Mod with no problem... I set up a Bidvertiser ad on Top page of forum and it displayed with no problem.  I did this about a week ago.  I wanted to play around with the ad location before I added anymore.  I placed my Bidvertiser ad in a different location of my forum, and It did not display... also when I tried to go back to the original location, it too is not showing anymore, and I can not get it to show at all.
-Another problem/ question:  How do I get the ad to show on other themes, or does it suppose to show on all themes?  It did not show on any other themes except the theme I had when I first installed the Mod....   Hopefully someone can answer these questions for us soon...... :)


same issue with me .please help on this and also i want to add ads on inferno theme too but looks like ad managment is not working with inferno. please reply soon.. (sorry  kadmiel to post my issue also here) :)