Author Topic: how can i make my ads show on other parts of my forum apart from my posts areas?  (Read 3112 times)

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Good day all,
It's a great feeling to be apart of this wonderful forum.

Please i need some help here. i have downloaded a few custom themes and  they are all not allowing ads show up on them. when i revert to SMF default theme my ads show up.

pls i will like to now if this themes are not compactable with ad mods or what? i am using (SMF 1.1.10) and ad mod (ad_mod_1-1-x_v2-3) .  I recently downloaded these themes Astheme,  Dark-f and extreme6. yet non of these themes shows up my google adsense ads or any other ads for the matter.

My ads only show up in my post areas only and no where else on my forum.

Pls can the GURUs here be of help to me?

Please I need some help here.

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youll have to manually install it but i found the files for the extreme 6 theme for you the files are on the last post just download them then upload them to your server in extreme 6 folder it will ask if you want to replace the files that are there click yes

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