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Ad mod not working. SMF 1.1 RC3 Babylon theme

Started by 4css, October 18, 2006, 08:05:51 AM

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Hi I have installed the ad mod via the package installer, however no adds are showing up. I have put the adsense code in, and I would also like to place a pay pal thing on my forum.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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The babylon theme is not the default theme for rc3, you will have to manually edit the files. Look in the theme board.


Hi, I did find the edits section, my question is the one portion that is supposed to go before a closing table tag. What portion of the file is that in? I dont want to place the code edits in the incorrect spot.

Thanks for your response. I appreciate it.


The best advice I can give you is to use an editor that can search for the tags and spaces. Try googling php designer, it is a real good editor.


Ok I used the php designer, my nephew referred me to that one. He is good with php. Though not familiar with smarty.

So I could not get thigns to work, I go back to the original default, well, sigh, somehow I really messed things up.

I even saved the files in an unchaged files folder, not sure what happened.

Need a break as I have broken the things as they were right now.

Thanks Big Guy, appreciate your help, but right now I think it is beyond help!


If you can't get the edits send me your template file and I will see what I can do.

This is where I am now. I had a critical error, but managed to wiggle my way out of that and get the forum back up. Learn as I go eh? ::)

btw thanks for the offer of help, i suppose I should pm or vis versa so I don't go off topic in here.


I see your banner is a bit wide for your forum but thats another issue. Anywho, if you want to PM me thats cool. I will get to that file when I am not to busy.