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Make your own ads?

Started by 3sisters, April 25, 2009, 04:42:34 AM

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Can you make your own ads and use the ad mod?  If so what would you have to do?


Can't anyone help me???? Please!!!!!


Yes, you can make your own ads.  Adds are placed by creating them through HTML code.  As per the mod description instructions, first, you create a meaningful name for your ad.  Then, you add the code for it.

If you know HTML you can create your ad.

If you don't know HTML, you can use many WYSYWG editors to create it and either use the option to view or convert it to HTML.  Save the code and that's what you'll paste in your ad content.  Remember, you'll need the beginning and ending tags.  Help on that is given via a link in the mod description.

In order to make the ad a clickable link to the advertising site's web location you need to place <a href= "http://site location"> in your code.


I almost forgot!  You can do a search for "free banner maker" and do it that way too.


Thank's For Sharing Such a Useful and Informative Post,I was Eager to Know This that how can we create our own Code,I really Don't Know before about this,Now I get this Hope this will be helpful for me in Creating My own code.