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No ads, but getting hits
« on: March 18, 2009, 07:47:58 am »
I have the following setup;

SMF 1.1.8
SMF Ads 2.3
Theme WoW-DK

I installed the mod, then went through the instructions on this site to manually make the changes in the WoW theme. Everything works okay (no errors, problems with displaying pages, etc.) but the ads are not showing. They are showing in the default theme, as we would expect, but not in WoW theme; although, in the reports section, it is saying that the ads are getting hits. And, as I can get the reports section, the Ad Management link is displaying fine.

I have also enabled to show links to everyone; guests, members, etc. and went through all of the changes again just to make sure everything was correct.

I would go through and try and work out why they are not displaying, but I do not know enough about php to know where to begin, so if anyone can give me any help in what I should be looking for or how to go about making changes so that they do display, I would be most grateful.