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Please, please, please can you add a function to allow ads to be excluded from specific boards.  I know I can add an ad to specific boards but being able to do the opposite too would save a lot of time.

I'll be greedy and make another request too, what about enabling rotation of ads at admin set intervals either/both for page changes and/or timed changes (say, every 10, 20...60 seconds).

Thank you,

Rotation upon every refresh would be easier to do then doing it via certain second intervals.

Also, the "exclusion" is already done. You need to enable Board-by-Board permissions in Admin > Boards and Admin > Permissions

Forgive me if I've missed something here, by exclusion I didn't mean for all ads to be excluded from a board or group of boards, I intended to mean for an option to allow specific ads from being barred from specific boards.  For example, if I want to target a particular advert at a particular board then I'd need to specify an ad to appear in that board and prevent any other ads from displaying in it.

It might already be a filtering option of SMF 2 but I'm still using SMF 1.1.7.

I'm sorry if this reply makes me look a bit daft but I thought get some clarification on what I meant.


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