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I did install the Ad management mod and  I did add the google ad sense code it did work fine.
then I tried to change the code so the link open in a new window... but I did something wrong... now all I can see on the forum is the google ads!!

is there a way to solve this without re-installing? like editing a file through the cpanel or so?

the website is

any ideas ?

Everything on your site including the ads shows up fine from here.

I did re-install I have to work on the topics again...

I have another question: is it possible to make the ads open in new page? when someone click on the google ad it opens in new link and they dont leave the forum? how can I do that?


No, and infact i think its against googles TOS to manipulate the ads to open up in a new page.

If anything, its an issue with google and should be brought up with them.


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