Author Topic: How do I get the ad working?  (Read 2633 times)

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How do I get the ad working?
« on: October 27, 2008, 07:06:53 pm »
I'm using Simple Machines Forum 1.1.6 .
I have a AdBrite account and I have their code.
<!-- Begin: AdBrite, Generated: 2008-10-27 19:44:36  -->
<style type="text/css">
   .adHeadline {font: bold 10pt Arial; text-decoration: underline; color: #0000FF;}
   .adText {font: normal 10pt Arial; text-decoration: none; color: #000000;}
<script type="text/javascript">
try{var!=window.self?2:1;var AdBrite_Referrer=document.referrer==''?document.location:document.referrer;AdBrite_Referrer=encodeURIComponent(AdBrite_Referrer);}catch(e){var AdBrite_Iframe='';var AdBrite_Referrer='';}
document.write(String.fromCharCode(60,83,67,82,73,80,84));document.write(' src="'+AdBrite_Iframe+'&ref='+AdBrite_Referrer+'" type="text/javascript">');document.write(String.fromCharCode(60,47,83,67,82,73,80,84,62));</script>
<div><a class="adHeadline" target="_top" href="">Your Ad Here</a></div>
<!-- End: AdBrite -->
How exactly do I make it show up on my forum?
Sorry for the noob question.

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How do I get the ad working?
« on: October 27, 2008, 07:06:53 pm »