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I came here for help and posted what I needed help with
and not one reply to my post,  then I look around at all the other post and saw
way too many post that have not been answered as well
these  people came here for help
not a very professional forum if you ask me

( SMF ADS HELPING YOU ALONG THE WAY )   I donít thing so

According to your ticket, you requested for support yesterday.

Everyone on these forums, including myself, do all work for free. We're volunteers that spend our free time on developing and supporting the software we've created.

Please give us more time to respond to support tickets as this is one of the largest SMF mods, and I'm the only support specialist on this site. Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.

I don't have much time to provide support. I actually hope that others will notice and see there is a need and help out. Less than a handful of people help out. I provide this forum to allow others to communicate between each other. So trying being the solution instead of ranting about a problem.

good point   understandable


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