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Here are two files for the spanish tanslation.

I'm sorry but... what do I have to do with those files?  ::)

I've uploaded them to "Themes/mytheme/languages" folder but I can't see anything, all the fields/info on the admin panel are blank.

Ah! And before I uploaded the 2 files it looked exactly the same way (empty).

Thank you,

Unfortuanly this language support file will only work for version 2 of the ad mod that only works on 1.1 rc2/rc3.

However, to get this to work, translate these strings and put them in this file Modifications.spanish.php (where spanish is either spanish or spanish_es)

--- Code: ---$txt['js_ads_title'] = 'Ad Management';
$txt['js_text_displayads_index'] = 'Display ads on every page (ontop)';
$txt['js_text_displayads_botindex'] = 'Display ads on every page (onbottom)';
$txt['js_text_displayads_board_index'] = 'Display ads on Board Index';
$txt['js_text_displayads_display'] = 'Display ads on Thread';
$txt['js_text_displayads_message_index'] = 'Display ads on Thread Index';
$txt['js_text_displayads_firstpost'] = 'Display ads after first post';
$txt['js_text_disc'] = 'Write your code here';
$txt['js_text_help'] = 'Make sure that your code is compatible with HTML';
$txt['permissiongroup_ad_manage'] = 'Ad Management';
$txt['permissionname_ad_manageperm'] = 'Enable ads';
$txt['permissionhelp_ad_manageperm'] = 'To enable ads to appear for this membergroup, this must be checked';

--- End code ---

Jerm, i'm seriously thankful for this Spanish module.  I'm more of a newbie than the newbie above, and need more guidance.  Can I open the SMF forum in dreamweaver as a php file and make the changes you mention?  Where do i incorporate the two Spanish files?  I tried uploading them in the packages section, and got a message to the effect that only .zip files and such were supported by that upload process.  My discussion board (without ads) is at:

Best regards,

The langauge file should be placed in the language directory of the theme you are using.


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