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New Area To Have ADS


Hey, I don't know if this has already been requested, but I think it will be great to have the choice to have ads on the private message area, that will be a good addition to add on to your ads mod, what do you think.


We all know that the best way to make people click on the ads it's to actually make them think that they are a link to somewhere in the website. SOOOO...

I thought that it would be cool if the mod could simulate a board under a category! Or even better, a thread in a board! The user would click on it thinking that it's a board or a thread when in fact, it's an ad!

Hahaha I'm so bad. XD

But I think that it would be too mean for our users so let's say that when it's an ad, there is a special icon beside the thread or the board to know it's an ad. Let's say that this would be a n00b trap.


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