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I am using two adsense units on the forum. Today I checked the reports and it says Hits 4107 and 4969. What is the meaning of 'Hits' here. Is it ad impression or ad hits/clicks? If it is ad hits than I am never paid a single penny from Google for these clicks. Please let me know what exactly is the hits

i had  the same question...

but i guess its the number of impressions....since you would have been paid if it would have been no of clicks...


 If it means impressions then they should change that to say "impressions" Hits to me on an ad should be clicks. Because your ad could be shown 1,000,000 times but what would that matter if no one clicks on it to visit your sponsors...right?

true..hits doesn't mean impressions

My hits amount is about 10 times the number of impressions showing in AdSense. I have ads turned off for one group, that accounts for 90% of my page impressions. Does this mean this mod is counting pages that don't show the ad?


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