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Hello, I just installed SMF 1.0.7. I got ad mod 1.0.2b from simple machines and got it to install. It appears to work with the code box that I am using. Only thing is that it appears I can only do one ad? I see in version 2.0 it lets you add multiple ads but I can't do this in 1.0.2b. Is version 2.0 compatible with SMF 1.0.7?


Version 2 does not work with SMF1.0.7

I was just typing that when you posted, lol.

--- Quote ---No version 2 is only compatible with SMF 1.1rc2.
--- End quote ---

OK, so I removed 1.0.2b, upgraded to smf 1.1rc2, now I can't get V2.0 to install. It just tells me it "Could not upload package, please check directory permissions!" I am uploading it from my local drive to the webserver. I am a domain admin so I know I have permission.

Anyone help?


Is the package folder chmodded to 777


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