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What ads are compatible with each other, Google, Yahoo, Bidvertiser, AdBrite ...



Seeing I'm in here I figured I'd ask this question here in the Lounge.

First I won't be using Google Adsense cause I got disqualified last February.  My bad.  :-\

So I was thinking of going with Yahoo ads on my forum.  To tell you the truth I don't know why yet, I guess because someone suggested Yahoo over Bidvertiser.  I'd like to also use AdBrite.

But I was wondering whether anyone knows whether Yahoo ads are compatible with AdBrite?  Or possibly Bidvertiser with AdBrite?  I'm talking about TOS compatibility.

I noticed that the Example Board is using both Google and Bidvertiser ads.

Maybe someone knows of 3 or 4 types of ads that are compatible together with their TOS?

I'm opened to all suggestions.

Actually I have been looking for a conversation on a forum concerning this topic for quite a while.  I can't think of a better place to start it.


No idea from me. Sorry..

Those are just images in the example board. I'd like to put other images, but i just never got around to it. They aren't actually ads, except the bidvertiser.

I think that is the case, don't take my word for it though :'(

YPN is great but it depends on the niche. Depending on your forum, it may do awesome or crap.


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