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Adding space between banner and top of table

Started by qualtrough, August 12, 2006, 10:49:11 AM

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I have Google Adsense banners installed at the top and bottom of my forum. There is no space between the top banner and the top of the forum table, but there is a space between the bottom of the table and the bottom banner. I tried to add a space at the top by inserting opening and closing paragraph tags in index.template.php. That created a space between the top banner and the top of the forum table when viewed in IE. However, when viewed in Firefox there is no space. Is there an alternative method of creating a space that will work when view in IE and FF?

:'( Update: I just noticed that the Google Ads are not appearing when viewed in Firefox. I am using


use a <br /> at the top of your code.
Do you have noscript or adblock installed as your extension?


Hi Jerm,

I have not loaded any extensions into Firefox and when I go to Tools/Extensions it does not list any extensions. I also went through Tools/Options and did not see anything that looked like an Ad blocker. I have the latest Firefox update. Could the ad blocker now be built in automatically? Ads are still blocked. Thanks for your help. John


I removed the paragraph tags and replaced them with a line break <br />, but that doesn't appear to work in either IE or FF. The paragraph tags work with IE, but not FF.


can you pm the link to your site,
with an username/password for an admin account.


I just noticed something else funky: If I log out I cannot see any ads. When I log back in I can see the ads. That's not the way it is supposed to work, is it?


You have to go through your permissions for each membergroup and enable the ads for each.