Author Topic: SMF 1.1.4, Bright Forest 110 Theme admod 2.3 Blows up my forum!  (Read 2422 times)

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SMF 1.1.4, Bright Forest 110 Theme admod 2.3 Blows up my forum!
« on: September 30, 2007, 08:54:48 am »
OK, I've been through zillions (it seems) posts on getting the admod to work with other themes, and I'm VERY confused.

Mostly because I'm not sure WHICH index.php file to edit, and where it belongs... what files to edit / place where... etc.

I'm running:
SMF 1.1.4
SMF 1.0.12 / 1.1.4 / 2.0 b1.1 Update 1.0
Ad Managment 2.3 
THEME IS: bright_forest 110

Hope you can help - I have no trouble doing the edits myself, and I've tried, but they keep "spooging" my board. I'm thinking I'm editting the wrong files, but not sure. As a result I have restored everything (using my backups of course) so at present, no files are touched except for the mod / update and the them installed.

Please help !


Well, I tried it AGAIN.
The theme only has 3 of the 4 files mentioned - the "display.template.php" is missing, so I copied it to the theme directory for the theme I'm using (see above) from the default theme - and noticed the updates were all there, so I did not change it.

NOW I keep getting a "parse error" on the "index.template" file. I've restored the original, and re-applied the edits THREE TIMES, but still get the error.

I'd give up and go with the default theme, but it just doesn't fit into the scheme of the website being developed.

ANYONE out there having troubles like this??

Can anyone help?

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Re: SMF 1.1.4, Bright Forest 110 Theme admod 2.3 Blows up my forum!
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2007, 09:37:19 am »
You don't have to move any files to your custom theme that are not there. All files that are not in your custom theme are used by the default theme, so those edits will already be done. So basically only edit the template files that you find in your custom theme folder.

Also what editor are you using ??? If it's notepad, get rid of it. Google and install Php Designer. That program will help you alot