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Re: Edits for ad mod_1-0-7_v1-0-2b on Smf 1.0.7 (Index.template.php edits)

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When I installed the 1.07 ad mod, I got "failure" on index.template.php, boardindex.template.php, and display.template.php.

Oh, and I was wrong:  everything but ads at the top and bottom are working.

And that is for the default theme ???

I found it!

I had to find this:

--- Quote ---    echo '</td>

    // Show the "Powered by" and "Valid" logos, as well as the copyright.  Remember, the copyright must be somewhere!
    echo '
--- End quote ---

And replace

--- Quote ---echo '</td>
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---   global $modSettings;
   echo '</td></tr>';
if ($modSettings['js_text_displayads_botindex'] && allowedTo('ad_manageperm'))
   echo '   <tr><td id="bodyarea">
            <div align="center">',$modSettings['js_text_content'],'</div><br /></td></tr>';

   echo '</table>';
--- End quote ---

Glad you found it. Is it all working fine now ???

Yes it is!  The only thing that would make it better would be for me to upgrade my forum to a newer version of SMF to get more ad features.


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