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I am running SMF 1.0.7 with the Ad Mod installed. I have used Ad Mod to install a banner ad at the top of the board, but I have what I am sure is a newbie question: How can I install different ads throughout the forum? When I open Ad Mod I see the different ad placement options and the box for placing the code, but I don't understand how I can place different ads throughout the site. For example, I would like one ad at the top of the board, and then the ability to place different ads above or within different categories and boards. Any advice will be greatly appreciated-thanks!

For this feature you will have to upgrade your forum so it is using smf 1.1rc2 and then install the latest ad mod v2 I do believe this is the only way it will work.

Hi bigguy,

That is exactly what I want. I downloaded and installed them today. Everything was going fine until I removed the smf logo and forum name and replaced it with an image. I then found that I cannot get my Google ads to work. They used to appear on the top and bottom of the page, but have disappeared. I reinstalled the code, etc., but no Google Ads. I must have done something to the code in index.template.php. I will paste below the only portion of the code I worked on. If you or anyone sees something that is preventing google ads from working or has any ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks. John


   echo '
   <div class="tborder" ', $context['browser']['needs_size_fix'] && !$context['browser']['is_ie6'] ? ' style="width: 100%;"' : '', '>
      <table width="100%" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" border="0">
            <td class="catbg" height="34">';

   if (empty($settings['header_logo_url']))
      echo '
               <span style="font-family: Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 140%; ">', $context['forum_name'], '</span>';
      echo '
               <img src="', $settings['header_logo_url'], '" style="margin: 4px;" align="left" alt="', $context['forum_name'], '" />';

   echo '


--- Code: --- //Display ads on the top of the page
$ads = show_topofpageAds();
echo $ads['content'];
--- End code ---

Should be after this

--- Code: ---<body>';
--- End code ---

Thanks again bigguy. I inserted that code and now the Google ads are back on top. However, I still can't get google ads at the bottom of the page. I tried deleting and reinstalling the Google Ad code but results are the same. I tried selecting Board Index but that just creates a space there with no ads. Would reinstalling the ad mods software fix this?


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