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getting error forum is down

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Table 'masohiodb.smf_ads' doesn't exist
File: D:\websites\masohio\forums\Sources\LoadAds.php
Line: 33

version SMF 1.1 RC2

Can you turn off ads in the database or repair the smf_ads
I look in phpmyadmin and it shows it on the list but says it does not exist

Try re-uploading "LoadAds.php" file to your sources directory.

Does nothing, it was working and has been working for the longest time

it is ads ver 2

Jerm will probably have some ideas on this. I`m not real familiar with sql at all, sorry. He should be around soon. I guess if you had a recent backup of the database you could try that, but I think thats going to the extreme.

I tried a back, I am hoping I can edit the files and get the ad mod off and then reinstall it


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