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I cant see all the menus

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I installed this mod, but im having problems. I'm not able to see all the menus, so i can only put one type of ad, the other ones are not working.

jerm I tried to send you a PM but it says that i cant, i would like to contribute translating the mod to spanish.  ;)

Did all the edits get done properly ??? if your using a theme other than default then you might have to apply the edits manually to the modifications.english.php file in the theme you are using. A spanish translation would be great. :)

mmm ya, i turned off pm's for "newbies" cause of a spam attack.
Email me the file instead at

as for the menu stuff, does it work properly if your language is set to english?

I can only see the ad link when i use mi forum with the language set in english.
When i click the link to admin the ads i only see:

* Display ads on index page
* Display ads on Board Index
* Display ads on Thread index
* Display ads on Thread and a check box por each one.
Well, ill do the translation and will send it to you.
Thanks for the reply!  8)

which version are you using?


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