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Add not showing on bottom of index

Started by halfpint, July 24, 2007, 11:56:01 AM

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Hi I have smf 1.1.3 I have installed the add mod 2.3 and i have the Classic YaBB theme installed (no other mods installed)

The add mod installed without any errors and I replaced the 3 files needed for the theme to enable the mod to work

It all works fine except for the bottom add on all pages and the index, It just wont display the add at the bottom of the page, strange as it all works apart from that

The other thing I did notice is if I use the english UtF-8 Default Forum Language the Ad Management disapears from the admin panel although the adds still show, but if i use just the English forum language it re-apears in the admin control panel..strange ( I m not to bothered about this)

If any one can tell me why the add wont show at the bottom of my pages but it displays every where else, I would be very greatfull