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Title: Fg:Zm Theme not working with ad_mod_v_2-3
Post by: param_d99 on July 15, 2007, 05:00:09 am
Hello friends,
I have installed smf version 1.1.3 with two themes (I do not want to use default theme) i.e.
Fg:Zm Theme as well as pn-pn - both for 1.1.3 and both are not working with ad_mod_v_2-3. When I activate my default theme, the ads show up nicely. Kindly let me know what all files need to be manually changed as I have tried everything that is available on this forum..... but everything is for the previous versions and not for 1.1.3. I have all latest versions at present.
Kindly reply soon... Thanks in advance.