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Title: Ads in Delta templated
Post by: jbraum on January 01, 2007, 08:36:38 pm
Trying to get the ads to show in different location besides the top of the page.  I've managed get it to work at the top but that's it.  Here what I've done so far.

Did the following and was able to insert the code in Display.template.php and index.template.php with no problem.  Get a parsing error when I entered in modification.english.php so I remove it.  The banner shows but only on the top of the site (not what I was looking for).  It works in all location when using the default theme.

What I'll looking for is to rotate multiple banners including adsense in a block.  I have adsense working in a block but can't find a way to rotate banners with it.

Code I inserted
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//Display ads on the top of the page
$ads = show_topofpageAds();
echo $ads['content'];