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Title: Ad Positions - ads appear in some places but not others
Post by: samuelshoesmith on October 09, 2009, 03:27:35 am
Hello everyone,

I have installed the SMF Ads mod and in Google Adsense created different types of ads.  I have created a SkyScraper Ad and then added an Ad in the Mod.  I could then see a Skyscraper ad to the right of my boards which was great!  However, when a friend had done a screen shot of my site, there were no ads.  I didn't realise that you had to edit the permissions.  Although I have now changed the permissions horizontal ads are not showing up.  On the Ads mod, I have two types of ad.  Ad Sky - and Ad Banner.   Both have different code and different things ticked.  The Sky scraper only has the ticked for the ads to the right, but I have ticked the appropriate ones for the banner.

Can anyone help me please?  I am using Version 1.1 and the same SMF ad mod one.

Thanks for your help in advance,

Samuel Shoesmith