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Title: Google adsense in Various positions
Post by: neyola on September 08, 2009, 06:20:15 pm
Hello all,

I am using smf1.1.10 and babylonian theme and i have been using simple portal to manage my ads but haven't been satisfied because of the browser views and other screen resolution issues.

I would love to install adsense manually if i could be guided to the exact locations in the codes where they should be installed

(1) The first location is on top( horizontally).. Just below the Navigation buttons such as "home", forum", help" e.t.c and i want this to appear on all pages

(2) The 2nd position is at the bottom , just above the smf signature and i want this to appear horizontally on all pages.

(3) I want the third position to appear only on the front page and it would be vertical to the right "somewhere were recent items are posted, to the right of it

(4) lastly, I want adsense to be installed at the bottom of every 1st post in a board.

Thans and expecting ur help