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Title: Alternating ads
Post by: epfc on April 12, 2009, 05:50:44 am
Hi!  :)

First to say - thank you for this great mod. It works just fine!  :)

But, I have a question about it.  :-\

Suppose a frend and me both want to place ads in exactly the same positions on the board.
Is there a way to alternate ads, so the one time Ad Mod displays my ad, let say, at the top of a board, and the next time it displays my friend's add, at the same position?

Meaning, we don't want to show doubled ads, one below another, his under mine, but just one ad at the same time in the same position; one time mine, other time his.

The question is: is it possible with this ad management mod?

Thanx in advance!  :)