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Title: Please make Ads Management work with my custom theme?
Post by: sonicfetish on June 24, 2008, 04:15:36 am
I'm pretty good with HMTL but php is another story... I can't seem to manually install Ads Management so it will work with my custom theme, Neutrality. 

I used the parser as suggested in the forums.... numerous times and just can't get it to work.... I've scoured the boards and tried every suggestion I could find... causing me to uminstal and reinstall SMF many times  :-[

I presume that I'm not pasting the modifications in right or something.  Can anyone help? I read that I can sign up for a paid subscription to have my theme customized but when I go to the Paid Subscriptions area I am not given any mods as options to purchase...

Eternally grateful and loving what Ads Management can do for my site