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Title: Adding in ad to E-Arcade 2.5 Code
Post by: 2bz2p on March 31, 2008, 08:45:27 am

     What my thought was when you have the arcade and in between clicking on the game and playing the game. You have a window where its checking the session. I wantto put in an ad into that. I do understand that I am going to have to do it manually and what not but I was wondering if there is a section of code with in your mod that I could edit/copy and paste into the arcade files and then copy a section of the ads admin code and create the check block to it so I didnt have to hard code the ad and I could have the ad work the same as the one say between the menu and board. Just a thought I am willing to write/test and copy/paste. Then share what I did with you so you (if you wanted) incorporate it into your mod.