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Title: How to set "look and layout" settings by default ???
Post by: bderen on January 08, 2008, 08:50:03 am
I need all members to have a specified settings on their profile and look and layout set by default.  I have a small internal forum with not a lot of members but I don't want to go to each member's profile in order to change settings.  Can this be done.

For example under "Look and Layout" I want these...

"Show board descriptions inside boards. "
"Return to topics after posting by default. "
"Show most recent personal messages at top. "
"First day of the week on the calendar:" SET TO MONDAY
"Use quick reply on topic display" SET TO SHOW ON, BY DEFAULT

to be check on by default for all new members.

I am dealing with some older crowd and its hard to have them change all the settings themselves.

Pls Help.