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Title: Multiple Ads
Post by: 2voc on August 17, 2006, 11:07:49 pm
I really like this mod, it works great.  I know I made a mistake.  When I installed the mod I installed the wrong version.  I removed it and installed the correct version for 1.07.  When I placed the ads I noticed that there were two "Ad Management" windows, but I thought it was a mistake.  When I created the Adsense ads, and looked at the display, there were two sets of ads stacked one on the other.  I made another stupid mistake, uninstalled the mod and reinstalled it again.  Now there are three sets of ads.  How can fix my mistake so there are only one set of ads? 

You can see what I mean by going to:  LINK REMOVED
Title: Re: Multiple Ads
Post by: bigguy on August 18, 2006, 01:23:05 pm
That's a phpbb forum. We don`t support that here.