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Title: Ads not showing in boards or posts
Post by: jeddi on November 15, 2007, 09:13:56 am
Hi, I posted this same problem on smf and then realised I should have come here first.
 I will try and explain clearly. I'm using smf 2.0 beta1.1, default theme.
Using this mod to place a flash advert on my forum works fine on the forum idex page and other pages , however when it comes to showing same ad in Boards it only shows the ad box without the ad content.
The ad is a block, length 100% x 50 containing alternating text on a blue backround. In the Boards only the blue backround shows. My .swf file plus a text file are in my /forum directory.

I tick the boxes in the relevant places to show it but it doesnt want to show in the Boards.
Minor but interesting!