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Title: SMF 1.1.3+Dilber MC theme+ Ad management working, but + tiny Portal not working
Post by: Hier on September 11, 2007, 10:51:31 am
Hi. I have SMF 1.1.3 and Diber MC theme with Ad management mod. I've installed the mod on the theme from file. I just installed Tiny Portal today (presuming that tp stood for tiny portal). However, Tiny Portal is visible only in the default SMF core theme, and not in the Dilber MC theme. Is there any extra modification that needs to be done? Thanks for (anticipated!) help..

Edit : Ok, modified the code and now working fine. But I'm facing two problems when I got to 'Forums' and I click a board or a child board (the problems are not with any other pages) :
1) "?>" appears at the top-left of the browser
2) Fonts suddenly increase in size. (When a topic inside a board or child board is clicked, font size again become normal)
Pls help. Portal is at ( Thanks

Edit2 : Solved; I had mistakenly added an extra "?>" at the end of messageindex.template. Thanks for listening out !