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Ad Seller Pro
An ad selling system for SMF intergrated with PayPal. Users can buy ads upload their owner banners, create textlinks. Support unlimited ad locations which can even be shown on your website though SSI. Ad's can be controlled by membergroup and what board to display them on.

Other Products for SMF

Community Suite
Includes all the products Ad Seller Pro, SMF Gallery Pro, Download System Pro, SMF Store, Newsletter Pro and any future product released!

SMF Gallery Pro
A photo gallery for SMF. Features galleries and user galleries. Complete permission system, and more!

SMF Classifieds
A classifieds system for SMF allows you to list both listings and auctions. Supports paid listings and much more!

SMF Store
A complete e-commerce system for SMF using paypal as the payment processor. Supports both digital and physical products.

Download System Pro
A download system for SMF. Comes with a credit system that can be intergrated with PayPal. Support screenshots and download limits by membergroups

Newsletter Pro
Updates SMF's newsletter system. Adds an editor to include html to your newsletters, tracks clicks, views, and handles optouts as well.